CERTI Ingénierie
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Structure & racks

  • Surveys, studies, technical notes, plans, detail plans.
  • Geotechnical study.
  • Topography & implantation on site.
  • Calculation notes metallic structures.
  • Design of anchorages by calculation note.
  • Foundations (footings, pits, piles, micro piles)

Design and calculation of all types of metallic structures

Racks, bridges, Advent, Buildings, pipe supports etc...
Calculation notes with the method of finite elements (3D)

  • Quasi-static & static calculation
  • Vibration mode
  • Thermal
  • Specification of load deflection
  • Permanent load, overload operation, wind, snow, seismic…
  • Checking of regulations (CM66, eurocodes)
  • Calculation of bolted connections
  • Etc…