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It is sometimes necessary to demolish old facilities, to build new one, modernize a site or simply stop the exploitation. At CERTI Engineering, we assist you in all administrative procedures as well as monitoring the work. So, we provide a comprehensive solution with the deconstruction and reconstruction of new facilities, up to "turnkey solution".

Whether buildings or industrial facilities we operate in compliance with environmental regulations and in the context of sustainable development, we give value to all material which can be reuse.

Services :

  • Authorisation to demolish (city chamber).
  • Asbestos technical file before demolition.
  • Degassing, clearing.
  • Asbestos removal plan.
  • Network preservation (electricity, VRD, DCI, Automation)
  • Cleaning with waste sorting and disposal with BSD.
  • Asbestos.
  • Demolition.

Asbestos Area :

  • Implantation of airlock for the personal and equipments
  • Containments of facilities.
  • Mobile and fix air extractors.