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HSE policy

The duty and the willpower to take into account the safety of personnel.

The acceptance of the HSE activity is an activity in itself.

We have then :

  • Establish a safety committee and determined training and commitment role,
  • Appointed and trained a security Moderator,
  • Gave him the necessary requirements to fulfil its mission,
  • Set objectives and implemented measures to avoid any deviations,
  • Train, informed and licensed the staff,
  • Ensure compliance of the equipment,
  • Check the accession of his subordinates and the staff behaviour,
  • Promoted the fight against alcoholism and drug,
  • Communicate our actions and results to all partners preventive,
  • Take into account the safety in all work; analysis upon receipt, follow our achievements and ongoing commitment to promote preventive actions.

Being aware that our results determine the sustainability of the company, all employees act with common sense, commitment, discipline to participate in achieving our goals.