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Storage Tank

Study, design & modification of storage tank

  • Definition of the tank and its accessories
  • Decennials
  • Compliance
  • Metrological (approved by the LNE)
  • Calculation note
  • Fire protection
  • Floating display– Floating roof
  • Frangibility
  • Safety Hatch
  • Painting
  • Expertise & Repairs

Metrological plan Approved by the LNE National Laboratory of Metrology & Test)

  • Metrological compliance
  • Dimensional readings
  • Calculation of swelling rate
  • Realisation and approval of the plan
  • Metrological scale

Design and Project management

Safety Hatch

  • Compliance following the study risk.
  • Calculation notes hatch section before and after work.
  • Installing Hatch of 16’’, 20’’ et 24’’with the use of a crane.
  • TH modification central in TH hatch with perforated metal sheet point of jauge.


  • Analytical calculation note.
  • Finite element calculation note.
  • Directional frangibility.
  • Grinding of the roof and cylinder connection.