CERTI Ingénierie
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Who are we ?

For over 30 years, CERTI ENGINEERING has distinguished itself by its constant adaptation to new (European directives, environment, security, ...).

With a reputation with recognised by important oil groups in various fields such as oil and gas, sugar distilleries, chemicals, food etc ... CERTI ENGINEERING offers its customers the knowledge in several areas including:

  • The preparation of technical documents (descriptions, drawings, calculations ...).
  • Project management and site supervision.
  • Process control and design studies.
  • The supply of the electrical, pneumatic and automation management system.
  • The Mechanics, the boiler work, the industrial piping, the steelwork.
  • The VRD networks and civil engineering.
  • The application of standards for classified installations.
  • The design and construction of skids in the workshop.
  • Manufacturing and marketing of equipment for loading road tankers.

To ensure our customer’s facilities which comply with the latest regulations, we provide a survey of the literature.
We advise our customers to ensure that their facilities meet the standard regulations and are economically viable while respecting their planned budget.

We have workshops allowing us to build turnkey skids.
We pledge to always act in accordance with the rules of safety and environment.