CERTI Ingénierie
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Assembly, Boiler works, Industrial Piping and Chassis

Technique & skills

Welding : Arc / Tig / mig
Materials: Steel / Stainless steel 304-316 / Aluminium
Compliance DESP 97/23 CE + CODETI
Studies of implantation and design of isometric plan
Calculation notes of compressive strength, flexibility, seismic, wind and snow
Welding specifications
Preparation of regulation folders

Prefabricated piping and skids in workshop

  • Manufacturing of chassis and supports
  • Welding of piping systems
  • Degreasing, pickling, passivation, painting
  • Integration of equipment: pumps, filters, valves…


  • PT: penetrant testing, scanner, ultrasonic, air tightness test.
  • Checking of compliance
  • Test
  • Functional testing

Welding : QMOS & certification AQUAP of the welders

Assembly : On site fitting/ transport, lifting, assembly, test ...