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Pumping group

Design & conception of hydraulic network

  • Requirements definition & choice of material
  • Installation of centrifugal pumps, volumetric, submerged…
  • Design of 2D / 3D implantation.
  • Hydraulic calculation notes,
    (NPSH, HMT, efficiency, power etc.. )
  • Folder of supply conditions.
  • Safety management of zero flow condition, pressure, ipsotherme.
  • Vibration analysis.
  • Pumps lineages.
  • Electrical study: direct start, starter, frequency variation…
  • Integration in automation
  • Calculation notes of the the motor power depending on the process.
  • Metrological validation
  • Installation of gas separator …
  • Commissioning assistance
  • Performance test of the flow, pressure and the security process.

Turnkey :
We are able to design and build any type of pumping plant.
For any sectors.